Jiangsu huayuan pump industry co., LTD was established in November 2007

In October 2012, the company was renamed jiangsu huayuan irrigation and drainage co., LTD

In November 2011, the research center of water-saving irrigation equipment was established in cooperation with jiangsu university.

In November 2012, Harbin branch was established in heilongjiang province

In December 2012, the company won the largest single purchase order in the world -- 120 million yuan coil disc sprinkler and supporting equipment from changchun municipal agriculture committee

In December 2012, jiangsu provincial department of science and technology and jiangsu provincial department of finance recognized it as "jiangsu (huayuan) modern agricultural water-saving irrigation equipment engineering technology research center".

Approved by jiangsu provincial department of science and technology as "jiangsu province enterprise postgraduate workstation" in September 2013

In November 2014, heilongjiang jiaojiang agricultural equipment co., LTD was established

In April 2015, JP75 coil disc sprinkler was rated as new product and new technology by jiangsu economic and information technology commission, and listed in the provincial key promotion and application catalogue of new product and new technology.

In May 2015, jiangsu provincial economic and information technology commission awarded the pilot enterprise of "two-oriented integration" in jiangsu province

In June 2015, general manager qiu zhipeng visited France with the Chinese economic and trade delegation led by premier li keqiang of the state council and attended the BBS of small and medium-sized enterprises of China and France held in the French ministry of finance

In October 2015, it was renamed jiangsu huayuan water saving co., LTD

In October 2015, it was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise

In November 2015, heilongjiang asus water saving equipment co., LTD was established

In January 2016, it was officially listed on the new third board (stock transfer system letter [2016] no. 696). Stock code: 836024

In February 2016, huayuan was selected as "the most favorable agricultural machinery brand for Chinese users in 2015" by farmers daily.

In May 2016, the general office of the ministry of industry and information technology issued the second batch of industrial standards revision for 2016, which was presided over by our company to undertake the "China coil disc sprinkler industry standard".

In September 2016, the company undertook the major achievement transformation project of jiangsu province

In November 2016, the company was recognized as the provincial enterprise technology center

In December 2016, the company undertook the key r&d projects of the 13th five-year plan of China

In December 2016, shenzhen zhongneng green investment co., LTD signed a cooperation agreement with the management committee of xuzhou high-tech zone

In July 2017, the company moved to no. 7, yinshan road, xuzhou high-tech industrial development zone

In September 2017, Beijing rainbow rural clothing technology co., LTD was established

In 2017, there will be 8 new and high-tech products and 75 authorized patents

In 2017, huayuan trademark was awarded as jiangsu famous trademark and jiangsu famous brand

In January 2018, the company signed a product technology cooperation agreement with Casella macchine agricole of Italy

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