Since its establishment, the company has always been guided by science and technology, market-oriented, focused on science and technology investment, improved the ability of independent innovation and accelerated the development of enterprises. The company has established "provincial engineering technology research center", "provincial technology center", "enterprise graduate workstation", "national water pump and system engineering technology research center pilot base". Established industry-university-institute cooperation relationship with famous domestic colleges and universities, combined with jiangsu university to set up irrigation ci equipment research center, set up a joint with China university of mining and intelligent irrigation equipment research institute, enterprise industrial technology research institute, mainly engaged in intelligent volume disc sprinkler, automatic and more functional and series such as research and development of new products.

R&d staff of the company and have rich practical experience of scientific research and management personnel, senior engineer, engineers, university professor, doctor, graduate students, undergraduates, professional r&d team, leading innovation platform, the whole huayuan technology upgrade.

Projects undertaken: national key r&d projects in the 13th five-year plan, provincial agricultural science and technology support projects, provincial major achievement transformation projects, 75 municipal technology projects authorized patents, and 8 high-tech products

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