♦ New third board listed enterprise stock code 836024

♦ National high-tech enterprises

♦ The drafting unit of industry standard of coiling disc sprinkler

♦ The project undertaking unit of the national 13th five-year plan

♦ Jiangsu achievement transformation project undertaking unit

♦ Deputy director unit of China agricultural water-saving industry technology alliance for agricultural reclamation

♦ Vice President unit of irrigation and drainage equipment branch of China water conservancy association

♦ Member of the first drainage and irrigation professional committee of China machinery industry standardization technology association

♦ Deputy director unit of the 10th drainage and irrigation machinery branch of China agricultural machinery society

♦ Jiangsu new efficient water-saving irrigation equipment industry technology innovation strategy alliance vice President unit

♦ Member of jiangsu advanced fluid equipment industry technology innovation strategy alliance

♦ Jiangsu province agricultural science and technology support project undertaking unit

♦ Jiangsu province credit management standard enterprise

♦ Jiangsu province two - way integration pilot enterprises

♦ Jiangsu private scientific and technological enterprise research and development institution

♦ National water pump and system engineering technology research center pilot test base

♦ Jiangsu provincial engineering technology research center

♦ Jiangsu provincial technical center

♦ Jiangsu province enterprise research student station

♦ Institute of intelligent sprinkler systems, China mining university

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