1. Service purpose

Serve customer wholeheartedly.

2. Pre-sales service

(1) if the user needs it, it can help to select the appropriate product model and specification; If the customer has special requirements for the product, we can help to design it separately.

(2) warmly receive users' visit, and quickly handle calls, letters, faxes and other information matters.

(3) help users to provide free consultation on product selection, use and other relevant knowledge.

3. In-service

(1) organize production in strict accordance with the technical requirements of the contract and relevant national standards, guarantee the quality and quantity, and deliver the goods at the agreed place on time.

(2) if necessary, we can send professional engineers to the site to train users with professional knowledge of product use and maintenance, or to guide users to correct construction on the site.

(3) due to insufficient user selection is wrong, order number, or other special circumstances, require suppliers in advance, I will be urgent user anxious, special circumstances special processing, give priority to arrange production, try our best to meet user requirements.

4. After-sales service

(1) the company implements a 24-hour after-sales service management system, and will give a reply within one hour after receiving the notice of users requiring after-sales service. In general, if the journey is within 1000KM, the marketing service personnel will arrive at the designated place of the user within 24 hours to provide services. If the distance is more than 1000KM, the marketing service personnel will arrive at the designated place of the user within 48 hours to provide services. If the user has urgent requirements, he/she shall provide special services to the designated place of the user within the shortest time.

(2) our company is responsible for the damage, loss and quality problems of the products before delivery.

(3) during the quality guarantee period (within one year after the contract agreement or the acceptance of the product upon arrival), we shall be responsible for the proper handling of the problems and defects caused by the product's quality problems.

(4) after confirmation by both parties of the product failure caused by the user's responsibility, our company will also actively cooperate to deal with the problem, assist to solve it and strive to meet the reasonable requirements of users.

(5) if the product specifications, models and quantity have been changed due to the user's design changes, our company will respond positively and urge the user to make efforts to meet the user's actual use requirements; If the products ordered by the user exceed the actual needs or are unable to continue to be used due to design changes, our company will actively cooperate to deal with the problems and reduce the user's burden.

(6) if users need to provide technical guidance during installation and use, our company will arrange professional technicians to provide technical services free of charge in a timely manner to meet users' requirements.

(7) the company set up user profiles, and regularly visit the user, written and telephone contact with the user, asking the user comments and Suggestions, for advice on the statistic analysis and quality problems, improve enterprise management, continue to provide quality of product quality and marketing services, the pursuit of perfection, to meet the needs of users.

Our tenet: "all for the user" is our basic principle and our pursuit.

Your satisfaction is our greatest achievement!

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