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"Ensure customer operation" is the highest tenet of the company. Company since its establishment, we are always adhering to the "close, close, the whole life cycle, the whole value chain" value of the service concept, to provide you with the whole life cycle of the pre-sale, sale and after-sale, worry-free service, the service into the closely related to each customer any link

Pre-sale service

400 customer service center, user experience day, golden collar training program, deep customization construction solutions

400 customer service center: this is the information center we communicate with you. In order to accurately and efficiently convey service information, it is divided into information communication center, customer satisfaction improvement center, customer behavior analysis center and product marketing promotion center.

User experience day: through the way of new product promotion and actual customer operation experience,

We have a comprehensive and in-depth communication with you to provide you with an in-depth understanding of huayuan and irrigation solutions. Here, we will provide you with one-stop professional services such as introduction of service outlets, product price consultation, technical support, product complaint, service complaint, repair application, spare parts consultation and sales.

Depth of custom construction solution: we have our own software and hardware resources, and accumulated years of experience in construction, at the same time, we also sincerely invite you to a corporate product design, manufacturing, service rules formulated by the consultant, in order to provide efficient and depth of custom construction solution, we struggle together.

Sale service

Advisory sales, one-stop financial services, butler transportation

Advisory sales: there is always a need for differentiation. We will help you to optimize the selection of equipment and help you to realize the value optimization of purchasing equipment.

One-stop financial services: based on a deep understanding of products and customer needs, we work with major financial institutions to provide the best financing solutions for your business operations.

Butler transportation: in order to meet your needs, we will provide professional transportation home delivery service, and provide the first installation and delivery training service for each product.

After-sales service

365 x 24 all year round service: we have more than 200 service engineers, 40, a service vehicle, we will do: 24 hours to provide you with 24 hours "15 minutes fast response, arrived at the scene," the heart of service.

Intelligent butler service: we have set up a perfect GPS global service center to provide you with proactive intelligent butler service through the platform.

VIP customer club: this is a four-party cooperation and exchange platform of "customer, expert, factory and project", with perfect management system and working process.

Expert physical examination and diagnosis: we establish a normalized national mobile service system. In the past five years, we have carried out more than 20 "thousand mile delivery service" activities, and nearly thousands of experts have travelled millions of kilometers. They have traveled all over the country, bringing considerate services to every user.

Spare parts timely arrival: over 100 spare parts centers throughout the country, the reserve of millions of professional spare parts. We promise that the spare parts will be delivered to you within 72 hours.

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