The company held the first quarter of 2018 quality work conference
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In order to improve the company's quality work in 2018 and further improve product quality and user satisfaction, on March 31, huayuan water-saving held the quality work conference for the first quarter of 2018. Relevant leaders of the company and the heads of relevant departments attended the meeting.

The meeting once again clarified the company's product quality and quality management objectives for 2018, and fully analyzed and discussed the deficiencies in the first quarter. In 2018, the company will strictly in accordance with the established quality management plan, from a quality index optimization, in order to strengthen the management of quality information, strengthen the user information collection processing, strictly control products quality, improve the quality improvement project management, product quality and quality system for quality work depth fusion, etc.

Peng tao, deputy general manager of the company, has put forward the requirements for the next step of quality work in view of the company's quality management and current situation of product quality. All departments should actively publicize the advanced model of quality work, and build the benchmark, integrity and image. Second, all departments should improve the understanding of quality, change the concept of quality, vigorously commend advanced, and strengthen the assessment; Third, we attach great importance to the management of the system. Through this work, we will promote the in-depth integration of system standards and business, and improve the quality management level of the company. The meeting focused on the current outstanding problems of product quality, paid attention to the analysis and the formulation of practical solutions.

General manager qiu zhipeng has put forward five requirements for quality work in 2018. Improving quality awareness is mainly reflected in improving quality management awareness. To the quality problem, we should be brave to face, dare to scratch the bone to cure poison, and work hard to pursue the goal of "zero defect". Second, we should make great efforts to achieve practical results, "seeking practical results, telling the truth, giving practical measures and seeking practical results". The quality management work must have the real action, not only the statement, not the action; Third, strengthen quality data management, realize data information sharing, and give full play to the role of data. Fourth, create a good quality management atmosphere. Improve the quality management mechanism and incentive mechanism, vigorously promote the advanced deeds, typical form everyone concerned about the quality, all efforts to improve the quality of our work and everyone to help improve the quality of the good atmosphere; Fifth, implement the problem orientation. The quality management personnel should improve their ability to find and solve problems. All departments should keep their eyes on the inside, fulfill their responsibilities and take the initiative to solve quality problems.

Huayuan water always insist on "quality is the enterprise of the first life" for the purpose, adhering to the heart of the craftsmen to build enterprise, building products, the products perfectly, continue to provide consumers with high quality products and services.

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