General manager qiu zhipeng won the prize in the "innovative entrepreneur" competition
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General manager qiu zhipeng

The second entrepreneurship competition of "innovation-oriented entrepreneurs" is organized by the municipal talent office together with the municipal science and technology bureau, the national development and reform commission, the economic and information technology commission, the agricultural commission, the national tax bureau and the local taxation bureau. Through quarterly statistics, half-year summary, department recommendation, comprehensive evaluation and social publicity, the city only selected 20 winners. In 2007, Mr. Qiu zhipeng established jiangsu huayuan water saving co., LTD. (former jiangsu huayuan pump industry co., LTD.) to steadily push forward the company's development in the reel industry. As the founder and leader of the enterprise, Mr. Qiu zhipeng has made great contributions to the development and prosperity of the company. Under his lead, through technological innovation, product transformation, upgrading enterprises, the company became the new three board listed enterprises, state-level high-tech enterprises, is currently in China is the biggest reel sprinkler of integrated manufacturers, production volume in China first, its now has four subsidiaries, three modern production base, is the wisdom of domestic well-known irrigation integrated service provider, is a integrated set of irrigation equipment research and development, production, sales, engineering design and construction in water-saving irrigation for an integrated enterprise.

In the process of starting a business, general manager qiu zhipeng has won praise and recognition from all walks of life. In the China association of machinery industry standardization technical committee, deputy director of the committee members of the first session of irrigation and drainage, drainage and irrigation machinery branch of China agricultural machinery institute, deputy director of the tenth member, China mining university graduate student tutor, NongJiShou contest committee of experts, China's jiangsu province advanced fluid engineering equipment industry technology innovation strategic alliance board of directors, xuzhou city, jiangsu province, vice director of tongshan zone, standing vice President of CPPCC, jiangsu chamber of commerce in heilongjiang province, heilongjiang lanxi CPPCC member, heilongjiang province, vice President of the federation in lanxi, standing vice President of xuzhou city council for the promotion of entrepreneurial innovation at the same time, It was also rated as one of the top ten innovative figures in China's modern agriculture in 2013, one of the most innovative talents in xuzhou, one of the best talents in suihua and one of the best talents in lanxi county.

Qiu Zhipeng company general manager, said: the award recognition is a kind of affirmation and encouragement, and also is a kind of driven, in the enterprise operation and management work in the future, insist on the enterprise innovation, merit, to continue to play a model leading role, to "a center, base on the highland" construction record, made new again.

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