Advantages and disadvantages and functions of the central branch shaft sprinkler
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There are many kinds of sprinkler machines, such as coil type sprinkler, movable type sprinkler, translation type sprinkler, and central branch shaft type sprinkler. Today, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the central branch shaft sprinkler, and what are its functions?

Center shaft type sprinkler team have an important role in agriculture and water conservancy, irrigation is a engine, pump, pipes, nozzle, mobile devices and other facilities, according to sprinkler irrigation methods of combination of form a complete set into wholeness of sprinkler irrigation equipment, pressure water injection to a low, like raindrops evenly after atomization land to crops and the ground surface. The type and function of sprinkler is also very extensive. Now let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the central branch shaft sprinkler.

Advantages of central support shaft sprinkler:

1. High degree of automation can save a lot of labor;

2. No need to level the land, save a lot of costs and reduce environmental damage;

3. The service life is usually over 20 years, and the investment per unit area is moderate;

4. Low operating and maintenance costs.

Disadvantages of central branch shaft sprinkler:

1. The intensity of sprinkler irrigation at the end of the unit is usually greater than 100mm/h, which is easy to generate short-term surface runoff.

2. Without the ground Angle (arm) system, the leakage area is large, accounting for about 25%; With an Angle (arm) system, the investment per unit area is too high;

3. The towing transfer plot is inconvenient.

Above is our summary of the advantages and disadvantages of the central branch shaft sprinkler, I hope it can help you.

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