Water and fertilizer integration saves time and effort, easy irrigation
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How to spray irrigation in the face of 100 mu of farmland? When and when manual irrigation is needed? The integration of water and fertilizer can solve the irrigation problem of 100 mu of land in the aspect of irrigation, which not only saves time and effort, but also can improve the output value of farmland.

Water and fertilizer integration with walking, remote operation one key, save time, money and labor. Cucumber in intelligent drip irrigation technology, is a good liquid fertilizer using drip irrigation system, will the moisture and nutrients in every stage of the flue-cured tobacco growth, timely appropriate amount evenly to the roots of tobacco plant, leaf growth needs moisture and nutrients supply. The integrated equipment of water and fertilizer application in farmland not only balances water and fertilizer, saves time and labor, but also reduces the amount of fertilizer by 50%, and the amount of water is only 30% ~ 40% of that in ditch irrigation. Additional, drip irrigation still can control water quantity, reduce humidity, raise ground temperature, avoid because water is too big and the occurrence of disease such as root of flue-cured tobacco, yellow leaf; , combined with the engineering investment is not high also, such as pipe, fertilizer application pool, power equipment is about 1000 yuan/mu, can use five consecutive years, annual savings of fertilizer and pesticide for at least 700 yuan, but the increase rate can reach more than 30%, reduce work authors water-saving drought-resistant, reduce weight, increase efficiency, increase production effect is very obvious.

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