The integration of water and fertilizer is conducive to the development of agricultural technology
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Cucumber device is the use of pipeline irrigation system, the fertilizers dissolved in water, irrigation and fertilization at the same time, timely, right amount to meet crop demand for water and nutrients, to realize synchronous water management and efficient use of water saving agricultural techniques. In order to accelerate the demonstration and promotion of integrated water and fertilizer technology, this opinion is formulated.

Now guided by the scientific outlook on development, closely around the modern agricultural development goals, in accordance with the requirements for transformation of the mode of agricultural development, the construction of ecological civilization, cucumber technology highlight key areas and the main crop, determine the main technology mode, innovative working methods, promoting cucumber in equipment technology localization, light-duty and industrialization. Insist on administrative technology popularization and promote interaction, engineering measures and agronomic measures, water and nutrient coupling, the principle of paying equal attention to both high yield and efficiency, strengthen classified guidance, strengthen the work carries out, and faster good popularization and application of cucumber in technology.

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