How to choose sprinkler head
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When choosing a sprinkler, people will pay attention to the quality of the machine itself, and seldom consider the nozzle configuration and its quality. In fact, no matter how effective sprinkler irrigation is, it should be reflected in whether to save water, save energy, increase production, increase income, etc., while sprinkler head directly affects the effect of saving water. So, how to choose sprinkler head?

Standard conditions for selecting sprinkler head:

1. Choose sprinkler head according to soil infiltration rate

At present, D3000 scatterers are used in most large sprinkler systems in China, and the relatively low price is the main reason.

The spraying intensity of D3000 scattered sprinkler is the maximum and the spraying radius is the minimum. Due to the high intensity of sprinkler irrigation, ground runoff is easy to be generated under the condition of relatively sticky soil weight, which affects the normal operation of the machine, affects the quality of irrigation water, wastes water and fertilizer, and affects the improvement of yield and efficiency.

Ii. Influence of spraying range on irrigation effect

The spray nozzle with a large range has a wide wet range and a small rain intensity, which is conducive to soil infiltration. The R3000 spray range is the largest of all 3000 series nozzles.

3. Influence of water drop size on irrigation effect

Water drop kinetic energy has an effect on soil infiltration, which needs to be considered seriously. Water drops have little impact on the soil, so it is easy to keep the soil capillaries open and keep the soil water absorption rate high. Small drops of water are conducive to infiltration of clay.

Under the same nozzle condition, the working pressure is increased, but the diameter of water drops is decreased, and the impact force on the soil is decreased.

4. Influence of installation height of sprinkler on irrigation effect

Generally speaking, high installation height of sprinkler head is conducive to improving irrigation uniformity. The reason is that high Ann is relatively far away from the spray, and the spray overlaps more. However, the installation height should take into account the structure of sprinkler irrigation. For example, install the nozzle close to the canopy. Then the distance between sprinkler heads must be reduced. The designer shall carefully check the performance parameters of the nozzle, and select the nozzle, nozzle spacing and installation height.

Five, choose double mouth spray

Double mouth spraying is beneficial to crop seedling. The installation of 3TN dual nozzle and the use of nozzle with reduced irrigation intensity at seedling stage can effectively reduce soil erosion and seed washing, which is conducive to seedling emergence and seedling development. As the seedlings grow up, more and more water is needed and the roots are deeper and deeper. Large flow nozzles are needed.

The installation of pressure regulator can greatly improve the uniformity of irrigation water

The function of pressure regulator is to adjust the inlet pressure change caused by water pressure loss, topography difference and pump working condition to the design working pressure. The advantages of installing the pressure regulator are as follows:

1. Improve irrigation uniformity

2. Effectively control the working performance of sprinkler head, such as the size of water droplets and spraying distance

3. Increased the flexibility of sprinkler system. If pressure adjustment is installed, slope irrigation effect will be improved.

7. Air resistance of sprinkler head

The wind resistance of sprinkler head affects the quality of irrigation water.

Viii. Choose sprinkler head based on comprehensive consideration of irrigation effect and price

The scattering nozzle has a small range and must be installed at each outlet of the sprinkler. There are more sprinklers on such a sprinkler than rotating ones. Considering the increase of the number of sprinkler heads, the pressure regulator and the increase of the variety, the cost of the whole set is not much lower than that of rotating sprinkler heads. But the spraying quality is much worse than the rotating nozzle.

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