Whether a fruit tree is better sprayed or dripped
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Spring is the best time for fruit, vegetable and crop irrigation. Moreover, more and more attention has been paid to the integrated technology of irrigation, water and fertilizer, saving time and energy, saving water resources, effectively controlling fertilization and improving work efficiency. So, fruit tree irrigation is good or drip irrigation?

Actually according to the situation of fruit trees, in general, the roots of the solanaceous fruit vegetable, relative to the roots of the tree class root shallow, GenLiang less, absorb the water space is little, so with small flow rate, the low pressure, using drip irrigation is better. Fruit trees root system developed, how large is the tree canopy above, below the root has how old, so with a drip irrigation, and meet the demand of fruit tree, fertilization, meet is the place where sewage sludge to the result of the long, less than the local water, long is not good, fruit production quality will be greatly affected, and lodging resistance is poor, if have the strong wind, lodging, most likely want to this with sprinkler irrigation is better.

Compared with drip irrigation and spray irrigation, drip irrigation can make the roots absorb water better, but it is the most wasteful source of water. However, spray irrigation USES groundwater and can control water well.

Benefits of sprinkler irrigation for fruit trees:

1. Water saving and energy saving conventional flood irrigation requires about 440 m3 / mu of water, while micro-spray is 100 m3 / mu.

2. The labor consumption of labor force and labor is only 1/5 of the normal amount.

3. 70-80% of soil conservation and fertilizer diffusion irrigation is invalid water, and the fertilizer running with water accounts for 30-50%.

4. Reduce soil compaction.

5. Create a good field climate, create night dew effect, increase day and night temperature difference, and improve fruit quality.

6. Stable soil water supply, high yield and good quality of fruit products.

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