Orchard intelligent sprinkler system internal structure
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Spray irrigation is a water - saving, efficient, high - yield, incremental multi - irrigation. But with the development of agricultural technology, sprinkler irrigation development gradually become the main way of irrigation, and irrigation intelligent control system has become a modern agricultural irrigation solution, for precision agriculture and agricultural production has brought a new kind of help.

The intelligent control system of sprinkler irrigation is composed of three parts, which aim to save water and save fertilizer. One is to monitor objects (such as soil, water, gas, and plants) to transmit data detection and sensor, the second is to analyze the signal data processing and provide control instruction for actuator controller, a third is in accordance with the instructions for operation of actuators. The organic combination of these three parts can realize the automatic operation of irrigation and bring convenience to the water supply and control of farmland.

To sum up, in modern agriculture, the application of intelligent control system for sprinkler changed the past "feel + experience" history of irrigation, the irrigation of the precision and frequency, more easily according to region, season and plant growth cycle automatic irrigation and irrigation, improve the utilization of irrigation water, but also save the manpower of the traditional irrigation, suitable for large and medium-sized irrigation areas, golf courses, orchards, farms, etc.

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