Classification of types and USES of sprinkler machines
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Sprinkler irrigation machine is a kind of equipment for farmland irrigation. It is a necessary irrigation tool for farmland irrigation. Sprinkler is a power generator, pumps, pipes, nozzle, mobile devices and other facilities, according to sprinkler irrigation methods of combination of form a complete set into wholeness of sprinkler irrigation equipment, can be evenly spray the water to the ground, solve a lot of irrigation works.

There are many different kinds of sprinkler and commonly used small large sprinkler, sprinkler, translation type sprinkler, mobile sprinkler, volume disc sprinkler sprinkler, pointer type sprinkler, center shaft, circular machine, double cantilever sprinkler etc. Various type.

Different sprinkler, of course, have different purposes, so that the purpose of the sprinkler is very extensive, it is mainly used for crops, forestry nursery, animal husbandry, vegetables, fruit trees, economic crops, pastures garden grass and flowers, etc. In addition, is also used to control the environment (such as dust, cool wind, hot wind, frost, etc.), sewage treatment, increases oxygen fish ponds, and integrated spraying effects, herbicide, chemical, agricultural chemicals, pesticides, etc. Sprinkler irrigation is highly adaptable and can be applied to almost any crop, soil, terrain, region and climate conditions.

5 advantages of using sprinkler:

1, save water,

It can control the amount of water spraying and the uniformity of irrigation water, and avoid the loss of surface runoff and deep leakage easily caused by surface irrigation, so as to improve the water utilization efficiency and save irrigation water.

2, to increase production

Shallow irrigation with small irrigation quota is adopted to control soil moisture and make it more suitable for crop growth. Sprinkler irrigation on soil magnetism does not produce mechanical damage, and can keep the soil aggregate structure, make the soil loose, porosity, good ventilation conditions, promote the decomposition of nutrients, microbial activity, improve soil fertility. Sprinkler irrigation can adjust the field microclimate, increase near the ground surface temperature, can cool summer, winter can prevent the frost, can also be washed out dust on the stem leaf, promote respiration and photosynthesis, thus created the good life environment for crops, promote crop growth and development, achieve the goal of production.

3, the province

The high degree of mechanization can greatly improve the production efficiency, especially the automatic control of the sprinkler irrigation system, which can save a lot of labor. Sprinkler irrigation has eliminated water conveyances in the field, reduced the growth of weeds, and eliminated the need to repair and remove weeds. Spray irrigation can also be combined with fertilizers and pesticides, but also save a lot of labor.

4, the same

In general, dry, branch, scoop, agricultural and wool irrigation channels cover an area of about 10-15%. Compared with irrigation, irrigation can increase the cultivated land by 7-10%.

5. Improve product quality

According to practice, spray irrigation can not only increase production, but also improve product quality. In many places of our country, after irrigation with sprinkler, the output and grade have been greatly improved. Not only tea, fruit trees, but also crops have been greatly improved.

Sprinkler irrigation is a way of saving water, increasing production, high efficiency irrigation and high energy consumption. Because many places choose water incorrectly, causing problems such as blockage and turbidity of water during irrigation, more control should be given to the selection of water resources, such as groundwater or well water.

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