Huayuan will hold the launch meeting of work deployment in 2018
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On January 26, jiangsu huayuan water-saving co., LTD., a kick-off meeting for the work plan for 2018 annual summary review management task completion in 2017, study the deployment of 2018 work plan, to ensure the successful completion of the tasks in 2018, the subsequent fast and good development for the company to lay a more solid foundation. The chairman Qiu Zhipeng Qiu Ruimin to attend the meeting and made important speech, the President chaired the meeting, vice general manager and board secretary, financial director, chief engineer, department head to attend the meeting.

Chairman qiu ruimin made an important speech

At the meeting, chairman qiu ruimin led the management team to review the difficulties and difficulties the company has experienced in the past ten years since its establishment, and to give full recognition to the company's outstanding achievements. Chairman spoke highly of the management team, led by general manager Qiu Zhipeng in the company of the most difficult moments can resist pressure, grasped the nettle, go forward, accomplish the tasks in 2017, steady development of solid foundation for the company.

Chairman Qiu Ruimin points out, is the key to transform and upgrade the company a year in 2018, the company must establish and improve various rules and regulations, organization completes the enterprise culture construction, scientific and reasonable structures, organizational structure, improve management quality and management level, ensure the target task is completed in 2018, promote the sustained and healthy development of enterprises, main board listed company goals steadily. The chairman put forward the following four specific work requirements at the meeting:

1. Strengthen the self-construction of the enterprise team in an all-round way, strictly employ people, and train high-quality talents who can do things, do things, dare to take responsibilities, coordinate with others and take the overall situation into consideration.

2. Unite and help each other, make concerted efforts, reasonably divide labor, make scientific decisions, improve work style, strengthen team cohesion and improve collaboration ability.

3. Comprehensively promote high level of brand innovation, high level of management team and high level of economic development.

4, set up the company development with The Times, employees with the company's advocacy of ideology, to encourage every employee in the premise of meet the need of enterprise development as the instruction, work hard, substantial work, high efficiency, improve efficiency.

Attendees listen to important speech, the chairman, general manager of Qiu Zhipeng work report to the chairman of the board of directors on behalf of the management team, and said: the company management team will be in strict accordance with the established plan guidelines, earnestly implement the work, confident, have determined to complete the target task. At the same time, the general manager Qiu Zhipeng formally announced at the meeting, the 2018 launch of the annual work plan implementation, all departments should be about the concept of "development", stick to the theme, create refulgence again!

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