Product name:JP50 water turbine reel sprinkler

Update time:2018/7/13 18:30:31

product details

JP series volume disc sprinkler series USES water turbine (sprinkler pressure water drive), internal combustion engine, hydraulic Mazda, motor drive a variety of ways, through variable speed device driver winch spinning and drawing water from automatic movement and spray irrigation machinery, depending on the nozzle, usually divided into spray gun type and frame yan type two kinds. Walking sprinkler irrigation vehicle has the advantages of convenient movement, simple operation, time-saving, good water-saving effect and even spraying, which can effectively provide the needed water and improve crop yield.

Volume disc sprinkler of simple structure, high automation degree, strong adaptability, wheelbase and the distance to height according to the spacing of crops, the adjustment of the height of the finite and customization, in the crowded into planting fields can also walk, can realize the spray irrigation work, is the ideal water-saving irrigation equipment.

Widely used in:

Irrigation of large and medium-sized crops, landscaping, urban greening, fruits and vegetables, tea, herbage, tobacco, sugar cane, power plants, wharves, construction sites, coal mine dust removal and other fields.

Driving mode:

Water wheel drive. Hydraulic drive, electric drive, internal combustion engine drive.

Spraying method:

Single spray gun spray, double spray gun spray, yan jia spray

Accessories and details:

Model parameters:

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