Product name:Spray frame type sprinkler

Update time:2018/7/13 18:36:07

product details

Yan - frame sprinkler can not only do field work, but also replace the single sprinkler head for economic crop spraying. Its main features are low pressure, water - saving, energy - saving, high spray irrigation effect, good atomization performance, wind and other environmental impact.

Product features:

26-60 m truss supporting large-scale sprinkler, controllable width from 34 to 60 meters, extended truss of up to 80 m, install multiple semicircle refraction type sprinkler and PZ all round refraction type nozzle, can choose to install according to the spraying crops again seven different nozzle.

The 12m truss with light sprinkler can control 20m range.

Low pressure and energy saving, high atomization degree of irrigation, even irrigation is not affected by wind, the soil after irrigation is not easy to produce slabs, installation and disassembly are very simple and convenient.

Product parameters:

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